24 Hour Pro Carpet Clean

How to Prepare for Your Carpet Cleaning day:

  1. Gated community,please have your access code ready for us prior to arrival or entering. We do not search by name on the key pad.
  2. No service will be provided without the presence of the resident, owner or a related person.
  3. Residents please light vacuum is recommended to remove loose debris and hair prior to our arrival.
  4. We kindly advise placing pets away during our service visit for safety precautions.
  5. Expect a 30-60 minute time on your scheduled date depending upon the requested services.
  6. Due to high demand of our services, we’re working hard to help every customer in a timely manner.We will move on to the next customer if unable to communicate with you.
  7. 24Hrs advance notification is required for any rescheduling or voucher subject to forfeiture.
  8. Running water supply must be available in order to perform any cleaning service.
  9. We do not move heavy furniture; we’ll only clean open or exposed surfaces.
  10. The average drying time is between 3-8 hours or up to 24 hours depending on the amount of air flow. We highly recommend switching ceiling on, AC between 70-78 degrees or windows and doors opened.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Due to our truckmount system or equipment, we are unable to provide service in areas located more than 200 feet from the truck.This is not negotiable.
  2. The closest available parking to the job site is required and should be cleared prior to our arrival.
  3. Additional fee may apply for heavily soiled or stained carpet; will discuss before cleaning.
  4. Rooms larger than 15×15 will be considered as two rooms for billing purposes.